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Bug Infestation Treatments
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Human Flea (pulex irritans)
Carpet Beetle (anthrenus verbasci)
Human Flea Bites
Wooly Bear (carpet beetle larvae)
Bed Bug (cimex lectularius)
Bed Bug Bites

It’s a fact of life that we are surrounded by bugs

MILLIONS of them.

They live among us.

Thankfully we are usually unaware of their presence.

That is, until they


National Geographic video on bed bugs

Don’t put up with it!


These bites are irritating at best, but can become a source of nasty infections and allergic reactions.


We offer cost effective treatments for most household bug infestations including; fleas, bed bugs and carpet beetles.


Unlike pest control companies who simply kill the bugs, we also remove the dead carcasses, droppings and eggs.

Human Flea (pulex irritans)


Around 2-4mm long, they secrete themselves in animal fur, carpets, cracks in floorboards & skirtings.


Bites will usually be on legs and ankles but can be anywhere.

Bed Bug (cimex lectularius)


Grow to 4-5mm long, they hide themselves in bedding and creases of mattresses.


Bites will usually be on the arms and upper body

Carpet Beetle (anthrenus verbasci)


Usually 3mm long, larvae known as the wooly bear.


Found in dark undisturbed areas, especially in carpets, clothing and furniture. They are not known to bite humans.